Tips for Kids and Beginners Learning to Play Pickleball

Getting into any hobby for the very first time may be overwhelming for beginners. This is because it feels expensive and confusing. However, it does not have to always be like that. Pickleball is a very unique sport because it is not expensive to learn and quite simple to learn. It is a sport that is rapidly growing and one that combines some aspects of badminton, ping pong and tennis. Many new players are interested to learn the game with its growing popularity because it’s fun and also helps to build character in youths.


The following are some insightful tips for beginners learning to play pickleball:i. Be in ready position

It is advisable to be in ready position when playing pickleball. As a beginner, it is not necessary to confuse yourself with very subtle details but to simply ensure that you are in a good position to return the next shot.  A couple coaches at V&A Pickleball say that this can be achieved in the following ways:
• Relax your upper body and shoulders.
• Maintain your body weight at the balls of your feet rather than the heels.
• Keep both your arms as well as the pickleball puddle in front of the body. In addition, ensure the paddle is pointing slightly upwards.

• Keep your knees slightly bent and feet shoulder width apart.ii. Learn to dink early on

When beginners begin to play pickleball, it is always best to first start hitting longer shots so that they get accustomed to the paddle and also learn some basic strokes. In pickleball, a short, soft drop which, originates close to the non-valley line normally goes above the net before dropping in the opposing non-valley zone. The dink is an essential component of a slow game in typical pickleball. This is why it is important to learn to dink early and often. Beginners should regularly practice it because it will elevate their game. Do not be tempted to smash the pickleball, instead be patient with the slow game.

iii. Perfect the 3rd shot

In pickleball, the 1st shot is the serve, the 2nd shot is when the receiving team returns a serve and the 3rd shot is the second shot from the serving team. The 3rd shot on any one pickle point is important because it normally sets the pace for the whole point. It is never wise for a beginner to try to force the 3rd shot, if you attempt to hit it too hard, you might eventually lose the point. The 3rd shot should assist you to transition successfully to the net. The ideal situation is that the shot’s arc should peak on the side of the court that is yours before it drops over the net to the opposing kitchen. Strive to always lift the shot so that make good arc. It should be noted that it is a difficult shot to perfect thus requires practice. It is for this reason that beginners should have it as part of their regular training routine.

Pickleball is an interesting game and beginners should have an open mind with regard to learning as well as improving their game. The tips above should significantly help.