Características Principales

Soccer player and UNICEF Uruguay Ambassador, Diego Forlán, has been one of the first athletes to join ‘Vamos Jogar’, along with soccer players Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Antonio Valencia as well as motorcyclist Juan Carlos ‘Chavo’ Salvatierra.

As flag bearers for this initiative, their role, like that of all future athletes who join, will be to inspire and engage their followers in ‘Vamos Jogar’  to secure the commitment of public authorities, both local and national -to ensure the right to safe and inclusive sports for all children and adolescents.

“Personally sport gave me many things, many friends, the opportunity to learn about other cultures, and to learn the values ​​of sacrifice, overcoming every day and respect for opponents,” Diego said in his message of support to ‘Vamos Jogar’.

Forlán was appointed UNICEF National Ambassador to Uruguay in 2005. At that time, and in agreement with the football player and Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF for eight years (1996-2004), Enzo Francescoli, UNICEF spokesman Uruguay decided to change its position and offered to Diego Forlan.

“In the years I have been an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to see  how UNICEF works in Uruguay to raise awareness of the importance of seeing the rights of children and adolescents met. For me it is a great responsibility to be part of the UNICEF team and be able to carry the message around the world tha