About Us

In June 2013, government representatives at national and local levels and non-profit organizations from fifteen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to identify common indicators on access to safe sport and inclusion of children and adolescents at the municipal level. The purpose is to use these indicators to know the current situation in the region, as well as to measure and communicate progress in the future.

Based on the knowledge generated at this meeting, a set of indicators are being developed that each municipality in the region can use to self-assess how and to what extent the children and adolescents in their community have fulfilled their right to play and practice sport in a safe and inclusive way.

Once this self-assessment is done, municipalities that want to be part of ‘Vamos Jogar’ are invited to take the necessary and necessary measures to overcome weaknesses, share their good practices on safe and inclusive sports and maintain the good results shown in their municipal indicators .

In this way, the mayors of Latin America and the Caribbean will become catalysts for safe and inclusive sports and recreational activities in their communities.