Public Sector

How many children and adolescents play and practice sports in Latin America and the Caribbean? How many public schools in the region have school and extracurricular facilities and activities? How many mayors have staff dedicated to promoting and guaranteeing the right to play and sport in their communities?

Municipalities and public agencies in the region play a crucial role in promoting the right to safe and inclusive play, recreation and sport. Therefore, the goal of ‘Let’s Play’ is to create a movement of municipalities committed to guarantee this right for all children in Latin America and the Caribbean

For many children, their social exclusion begins when they do not have access to spaces for sport or play. This is the case of 80% of Latin American and Caribbean children living in urban areas, since in large cities there are usually fewer safe spaces for children to play and practice.

Do you want your mayor’s office to be part of this movement? Do you want to share with other municipalities in the region the good practices of your municipality? Join and discover how to participate in ‘Let’s Play’!