Social Organizations

Would you like your sports club to have values ​​that go beyond economic profit and victory at all costs? What is a life school for your young athletes? Does your NGO or non-profit association work on Sport for Development programs in Latin America and the Caribbean? Does the network of adolescents of which you form part believe that there are no spaces in the community to play and play sports? Do you think that the educational institution that you lead should have more teachers trained to guide the sports practice of students?

Sport, recreation and play are effective and fun ways for girls and boys to learn values ​​and lessons for a lifetime: they promote friendship and fair play, teamwork, discipline, respect … In addition, they help young people to prepare for the challenges they will face throughout their lives and to assume leadership roles within their communities.

The social organizations of the region therefore play a crucial role in the ‘Let’s Play’ mission. Do you want your sports club, NGO, association, foundation, or educational institution to be part of this initiative? Join and discover what you can do to promote the right to play and safe and inclusive sport in your community!