UNICEF and Pumas de la UNAM celebrate the children of Mexico

The National University Club and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) celebrate Sunday, April 19, all children, who can enter, free of charge, accompanied by an adult, at party Pumas-Santos Laguna, to be held at the University Olympic Stadium.

The union of efforts between the National University Club and UNICEF is carried out within the framework of a national campaign being promoted by the international body to promote breastfeeding in Mexico, since it is an issue of paramount importance for the health of mothers and the survival of babies.

UNICEF works to promote the rights of children with projects to promote their education, health, birth registration, protection against violence and all necessary actions to grow and develop fully and be happy.

“We want to celebrate all the children with this homage, because they are the center of our efforts and dedication. Nothing better than a sports show, which is a powerful tool to boost physical and social development; support the prevention of violence; and building a culture of peace, “said Isabel Crowley, UNICEF Representative in Mexico.

The members of the Pumas congratulate all the boys and girls in Mexico and celebrate them joining the cause of the rights of the children.

‘Playing must always be fun’. Say no to violence in the stadiums.

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